Oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

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oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles45 of · Flea marketing and garage sailing in style · RARE Just returned from the AMCA SWAP MEET in Oley, Pa. Here's a list of all stateside motorcycle events through June. Lincoln Highway AMCA National Antique Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet. National Meet, Oley, PA () Email [email protected] The Antique Motorcycle Club of America held its third national meet this year, as it does every year, in Oley Pennsylvania. This year, it was held.

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Editor's report I know that I have delinquent in my duties as Editor and I apologize for this misfortune to the membership of the Empire Chapter. There is a lot of events coming up and I will be addressing them on the next page. As you can see we have had election last fall and a new roster of Officers.

oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

Congratulations to all of those who are willing to step up for the offices. I will be putting in the minutes of that meeting also. The doors will be open at Food will be available around The meeting is scheduled for May 6 at 9: If members bring more than one motorcycle, the benefits increase as noted: Curt Bunce volunteered to run the nominations and election of officers. Dick White was nominated and accepted the nomination, expressing appreciation for the work of Al Sorensen, the coffee meetings, the steps towards getting new members.

He spoke of keeping Brookfield the 30th year is coming up as the meet and adding another meet to be held elsewhere, possibly in the spring, as well as finding a new location for a season-ending picnic.

oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

He has been president in the past. Bruce Prashaw closed the nominations. Curt Bunce called for a vote and Dick White was elected President. Tom Thomson closed the poll with Karen Thomson as second. For Secretary, Cindy Hering agreed to continue.

For Treasurer, Dick White nominated Jack Ciccarelli who expressed the need to preserve motorcycle history, to promote our Empire Chapter and how much he likes the chapter. Bruce Prashaw closed the nomination, seconded by Sue White. Curt Bunce declared Jack Ciccarelli the next Treasurer. Tom Thomson was nominated for Deputy Judge and accepted the nomination.

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Karen Thomson closed the nomination, seconded by Dot Bunce. Tom Thomson was declared the continuing Deputy Judge. The new offices will take effect beginning Jan. The meeting was continued by Al Sorensen. The minutes of the Spring meeting of May 7, were read by the secretary and approved.

Karen and Dick White would send it out. The next issue of Gaslines and Backfires is scheduled for the end of October, updates, articles and thoughts are appreciated.

Oley Swap Meet

Bruce Prashaw suggested that photos on the website be categorized by year. Regarding the website, Curt Bunce complained about old information on the website, asked about updating costs, any fees with regards to maintaining the site and said: Contact will be made to Ryan concerning the website.

Curt Bunce and Al Stroebel did not do an audit of the books at the Brookfield meet as proposed, but Dick took the books to Wampsville, they were reviews and no discrepancies appeared, all balances were good. This covered the year. Cindy will check on a date. Tom Thomson reported there was interest in coming back with antique bikes.

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Our job was to stop and handle any breakdowns. The cars were mostly American with a couple of European cars here and there. Starting in Richmond, we headed out and made a large loop visiting many museums and private collections including the Military Aviation Museum, the Virginia Museum of Transportation, the USS Wisconsin to name a few.

The rally was very well run organized and there were just a few problems with the cars and after all that why my buddies and I were there! Most issues were minor repairs that were easily fixed in parking lots or road side, blown fuses and faulty wiring, etc. Several cars had problems that could have been easily avoided by having their cars checked by professionals before the rally. The biggest problem was driving through changes in elevation in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Several cars overheated and that made them unable to finish the trip.

These people were provided a rental car or rode the rest of the trip with friends. We got to know the owners of a Chevrolet Fleetline very well that had over tightened wheel bearings that eventually destroyed the custom spindles.

oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

A Chrysler New Yorker blew all the seals in the transmission and also went home on a trailer. Many cars had bad seals that needed replacement a long time ago and one car overheated so badly he blew his engine.

oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

These issues could have easily been avoided with a preventive mechanical inspection before the rally. This was a great experience, which I would be more than happy to do again and most likely will.

oley pennsylvania motorcycle swap meet 2014

It taught me a great deal about the owners of classic cars that I did not fully understand before the rally.