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/news/_1_sen-dole-illinois-primary-election-jesse-jackson /business/_1_general-motors-corp-isuzu-motors-joint-venture //business/_1_debt-swap-house-banking-committee /_1_support-group-parents-meeting TZ . FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, BY KERENSA President Paul Pikora and the Putnam Rotary Club! The TEEG Sally White, of Thompson, candidate for State Woody Pitkat, Stafford. Springs Showdown at Thompson Speedway will feature 53rd annual auto show and swap meet Sunday, Sept. Meat Loaf pulled out of Loose Women just moments after viewers saw him .. She is seen here (third from the left) with President Barack Obama .. -Jordan- yearly auto race at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach.

He had been travelling north on Interstate Police did not indicate whether the rider killed in the late morning accident Thursday was here for motorcycle week. Police are asking anyone who witnessed the accident to call Troop F at This year, I was one of the blowhards, the chief speechifyer for some graduates of my old high school in Denison, Texas.

Plus, commencement pontificators are expected to offer some sage advice to guide the grads as they moved on, and I was all out of sage. So, I resorted to three admonitions I once learned from a West Texas cowboy: Idiotes were not people with low-watt brains, but individuals who cared only about themselves, refusing to participate in public efforts to benefit the larger community — to serve the common good.

The Greeks, I told the students, considered such people selfish, contemptible and stupid The encouraging news is that this crop of graduates from Denison High nodded in agreement. To stress the rich possibilities of a society working together, I noted that any of us who rise in life do so because many helpinghands give us a lift.

While this night of celebration belonged to the students, the achievementbeing celebrated belonged to the whole community — the families, friends, teachers, taxpayers and others who were part of the lifting. Rather, only by joining with others in democratic actions can you achieve something bigger than yourself. As Bill Moyers noted in an earlier graduation speech: When I was in their place inevery single person in my class and the audience was a white Anglo.

Our schools and town were totally segregated. On this night, though, the ceremony taking place on a beautiful night in the football stadium was a glory of Anglo, African, Latino, Arab, Asian and other ancestries. Denison became a better, more civilized place only because so many people including some of the grayheads in this audience had dared to stand together to make it happen.

The class of applauded this ethic of social progress, and they gave me hope that they and others like them will pull our country together again, e pluribus unum. It allows folks unable to attend religious ser- vices the opportunity to stay in touch with their church. On a personal note, I am grateful for content that enlightens and encourages — programs like Amazing Facts and Hope Sabbath School. And thanks Gilford for your affirmation of this valuable community resource.

The report said that the Gilford board delayed their decision to see first what other towns were inclined to do. While Belmont is looking for a free lunch, the taxpayers in Alton decided years ago that they were willing to pay to benefit from transparency in government. Alton is not a spend-thrift town, but the voters have made thoughtful decisions as to what is important to them, and transparency in local government is high on their list of values.

One surely hopes that transparency matters in Belmont as much as it does in Alton, and Gilford, and Laconia, and in thousands of other communities. The comprehensive immigration reform bill offers some of the key elements that are critical to fixing our immigration problems, including a measured pathway to legal status for undocumented workers, a national employment verification system and improved border security.

The reform bill is not perfect, but what in life is? This bill is an exceptional example of compromise. It represents a giant step in the right direction for a problem that has been neglected for far too long. The restaurant industry continues to expand faster than most industries in the U. More importantly, will be the 14th straight year in which restaurant industry employment will outpace overall employment.

Restaurants will employ As our, and other, labor-intensive industries grow, there will be continued pressure for a reliable and legal labor force to serve in positions that have traditionally been difficult to fill.

Our workforce, which includes a significant number of recent immigrants, is as diverse as the restaurants in our industry — an industry that provides individuals the opportunity to work their way up from a position in the dish room, to one in the boardroom. From farm to fork, our immigrant community is an essential part of a labor niche that makes the dining experience for millions of Americans possible.

Ralph Nader, with whom I share the same age and ethnic origin; but that is not why I am singling him out for special praise — well, maybe a little. Time magazine voted him one of the most influential Americans of the 20th century. Because of Ralph Nader, we drive safer cars, eat healthier food, breathe better air, drink cleaner water and work in a safer environment. More registered Democrats voted for Bush than voted for Nader and almost half of the Democratic party voters stayed home.

A four-race winter series for International Motor Contest Association modifieds, pure stocks and bombers also begins today at Canyon Raceway. Racing starts at 1: Arizona Republic Engine Rules at Daytona: The number of engines a team will be allowed to use will be limited at Daytona next month, said John Darby, Winston Cup series director.

Ty-Rods Automotive Swap Meet

Last season, the series' one-engine rule began after last year's Daytona This year, teams must run the same engine from Saturday's first practice session Feb. If a team makes a change, then it must start at the rear of the field "at the minimum," Darby said. After the twin races, teams can make an engine change before the next day's practice session.

After that, they risk a similar penalty for changing engines. It was a tough season for Ray, Bobby and the rest of the 28 crew yet they consistently performed sub 14 and 15 second pit stops. Those guys are always lightening fast and a great group of competitors. PR In Demand: Despite the plug being pulled on a similar offering at Formula One after it failed to attract enough subscribers, NASCAR's vice president for broadcasting Jeffrey Pollack outlined to sportbusiness.

More than motorsports journalists from 23 states and as far away as The Netherlands are registered to participate in this annual season-preview event which begins Monday afternoon, Jan. The largest off-season media function in NASCAR racing, the UAW-GM Motorsports Media Tour gives registered participants the opportunity to tour races shops, meet with drivers, crew chiefs and car owners, and discuss the latest developments and breaking news in motorsports with industry leaders.

It is a complete and comprehensive preview of the NASCAR Winston Cup season, featuring a beakout of the magazine's selections as the drivers who will rank among the top 20 at the end of the year. Every driver scheduled to compete in is in the magazine, with their records, predictions on key races, keys to success, why they might win the championship and why they may not.

Also there is a large section on fantasy racing, featuring complete statistics on every driver and their performances at every track. Full race reports from are included in the issue, along with previews of the BGN and CTS, schedules and more.

The issue is highlighted by an in-depth and highly personal interview with Dale Earnhardt Jr. The February issue is on the newsstands or may be purchased by calling Hitting newsstands January 20, the full-size publication as opposed to TV Guide's customary digest size is a comprehensive preview of the upcoming season. Each issue also includes a full-size poster of either Earnhardt Jr.

Fans will also find one of two sets of collectible trading cards: TV Guide predicts the top 25 finishers Can Stewart repeat? TV Guide says yes and provides comprehensive driver info and stats, schedules for all three series, as well as lineup and track information.

A look back at the outrageously unpredictable season through some of the most memorable photos of the year. In addition to newsstands, fans can order the new publication online at the TV Guide Store. Athlon Racing profiles and ranks the top 40 drivers, details each track on the Winston Cup circuit and takes a look at some of the burning issues in the world's fastest growing sport.

The magazine is edited by Charlie Miller, who also oversees Athlon's other sports publications. More info at www. Aikman, 36, retired after the Cowboys released him following the season. Aikman now is the lead color analyst for NFL broadcasts on the Fox network. Staubach, 60, was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in He won the Heisman Trophy while playing at Navy in The former Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks are partners in Hall of Fame Racing, which will be directed by former Trans-Am driver Bill Saunders, who will act as managing partner.

We're not naive going into this thing. We recognize it will be a real challenge," Aikman said in a telephone interview Thursday with The Associated Press. So far, Aikman said, the team has no shop, no equipment, no employees other than the three owners, no driver and no sponsor. The latter will be a priority, the three-time Super Bowl winner added. Aikman said Joe Gibbs, former coach of the Washington Redskins and now owner of Joe Gibbs Racing, which won Winston Cup championships in andhas helped get the team off the ground.

He also said it's premature to be talking about a driver. The team will be headquartered in Dallas while maintaining a race shop in Charlotte, N. Hall of Fame Racing will spend this season hiring a director of racing operations, pursuing primary and associate sponsorships, courting manufacturers and compiling a list of prospective drivers and crewmen. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who pulled out of a deal that would have seen him buy into the Cup team owned by Andy Petree in August, is not involved in this venture.

The partners have not decided if they will buy an existing Cup team, merge with one or start from scratch -- as Gibbs did. The event will begin at 5: Stan Yee of Eastpointe, who has built cars for countless short-track drivers across the state, will be presented the lifetime achievement award. Thirty top Michigan drivers also will receive awards, as will 10 racetrack general managers. Club president Bill Barnhart said a half-dozen race cars, including an Indy car, midget, super late-model and Hooters Cup stocker, will be on display at the hall.

Detroit Free Press Mast Update: In the interview the News stated that Mast's ailment was diagnosed in November of Mast would not comment about his ailment, except to say that he has been working closely with NASCAR and a statement would be forth coming within a few weeks. No word on Sacks 05 Cup team, nothing has been mentioned about that team since summer of While drivers such as Rusty Wallace are urging the change as early as the season's second race, the Subway at North Carolina Speedway in Rockingham, Winston Cup Director John Darby told the paper that the changes may not come that quickly.

The changes would make cars less dependent on aerodynamics and might make for more competitive racing by reducing the aero-push and increasing passing. Winston Cup series director John Darby confirmed Thursday that NASCAR is moving toward cutting the height of rear spoilers and softening tires to help reduce the aerodynamic problems that have plagued the series in recent years.

For the first time, Darby put somewhat of a timetable on addressing the problem. During preseason testing the past two weeks, such drivers as Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin have expressed their desire to see changes come sooner, rather than later. The primary complaint is that the dependency on aerodynamics of the cars, combined with the harder tire compound, have made passing extremely difficult and put more emphasis on pit stops during races. It's easy to soften one tire, but they have to manufacturer tires enough for everyone to race on," Darby said.

As part of the sponsorship agreement, Shell Lubricants will supposedly be the exclusive lubricant supplier for the Robert Yates Racing teams. Shell Lubricants today announced a multi-year product and technical agreement with Robert Yates Racing.

As part of the sponsorship agreement, Shell Lubricants will be the exclusive lubricant supplier for the Robert Yates Racing teams.

The company's alliance with Robert Yates Racing and its involvement in motorsports provide an opportunity for Shell Lubricants to further strengthen its brand, demonstrate the performance of its products and support its retailers and wholesalers. The placement has the potential to reach million people through races, television coverage and other special appearances. In addition to supplying specialty oil and greases to the Yates team, Shell will provide technical support including oil and engine part analysis in an effort to improve performance.

Shell branded lubricants, including engine oils, transmission oil, gear box oils, greases and other products will be used in all Robert Yates Racing race cars. The sponsorship, which kicks off at the Daytonaprovides numerous marketing, promotional and networking opportunities for Shell Lubricants as well as for its retailers and wholesalers. Teresa Earnhardt will give her first interview since the death of her husband, racing legend Dale Earnhardt, to Dateline NBCa producer for the show said Tuesday.


The interview "will most likely look at how she and Dale met, their years together and how she has taken over much of the responsibility of running Dale Earnhardt Inc. The segment also will touch on Teresa Earnhardt's fight to restrict access to autopsy photos, he said. Orlando Sentinel Feisty France in better health, back at work: At least a dozen crew members stopped and waved. A handful of officials asked if he needed any help. Nope, NASCAR's chairman is just fine after recent health problems and back at work keeping a watchful eye over the family business.

But the way I see it, things are good because I'm on the right side of the grass. Before he could be treated for that injury, doctors insisted he have heart bypass surgery. The long recovery and a setback - one lung filled with fluid in early December - kept him away from most NASCAR functions and led to speculation that the cancer he beat in was back.

A recent checkup, though, gave him a clean bill of health, he said. France is determined to look his best when he plans to make his first official appearance of the season next week at a NASCAR function at the annual media tour [in Charlotte]. The association, which is based in Clemmons, was created last summer to promote the economic impact of the motorsports industry on the N. The announcement was made today. Friendly's, a family restaurant company serving signature sandwiches, entrees and ice cream desserts, will sponsor Cope for the majority of NASCAR Winston Cup races this season, continuing a sponsorship which began last season.

The first race will be February's Daytona Cope is one of just eight active drivers to have won a Daytonaand one of just six since the start of the last decade. Having a company like Friendly's join us means a lot to me and to everyone at Quest Motor Racing," said Cope, a native of Spanaway, Washington. Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. Los Angeles Times - need to register for free to readSirius is the sponsor for the 7 Dodge that Jimmy Spencer will drive inno word on how this effects that sponsorship, esp since it may not happen until June.

KMart and Conseco left the sport after declaring bankruptcy. Federal Communications Commission has approved its application to transfer control of its radio licenses to its creditors, giving the broadcaster the go-ahead to restructure its debts. The satellite radio company, which suffered a severe funding crush after struggled with costly delays on the launch of its service, is in the process of a restructuring needed to extend its funding beyond the middle of this year.

The swap would remove the company's debts and provide it with funding until the middle of next year, Sirius said. The company will be in a stronger position if it completes its refinancing, because all debt will be eliminated, and i will have enough money "to operate close to break-even. In October, Sirius proposed a restructuring plan to avert bankruptcy that would leave current shareholders with 8 percent ownership, giving 92 percent to lenders, preferred stockholders and new investors.

On Monday, Sirius said again in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it faces possible bankruptcy if its shareholders and lenders don't agree to the company's refinancing plan.

According to garage sources Toyota has placed at least one call to a third party engine casting company. Toyota officials are working hard to recruit racing engineers from Detroit rivals for their NASCAR effort, and Toyota is seeking all sorts of proprietary engine information from Winston Cup engine manufacturers, according to Dodge sources.

Toyota must submit a c. An 8-foot-tall, stainless-steel tombstone embossed with a race car has revved up a controversy in a tiny town southwest of the Quad Cities. The dispute has landed in the lap of the village's cemetery board, which is mulling ways to make the memorial coexist with the cemetery's more traditional grave sites.

Brothers Dennis Begyn Jr. The brothers said they plan to add lights - a "Christmas tree" - like the ones that count down the start of a drag race. Once they do, Earnhardt Jr.

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He worked under a handshake agreement until DEI proposed a "lifetime" contract last season. The new contract will be for five years and Earnhardt Jr. So, I have allotted the team 40 appearances for whoever or whatever," he said. There was no control and nobody had hold of the reins. I just didn't want to give away every free day I had. Bodine, 44, says the move should give him a better outlook.

Brooks and Hooters were very involved in purchasing Pace Airlines and then spinning off Hooters Air, so that's taken up a lot of their time," he said. We've got to take everything we've got as far as information and try to make the best decisions for the race team.

She would replace Jim Phillips who retired at the end of last season. He'll be driving my car all year long. According to Petree, though, Kyle and Richard Petty have said if Andy Petree Racing can get a sponsor for this young man, they'd love to see him drive full-time in Winston Cup.