What are the consequences of cheating in a relationship

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what are the consequences of cheating in a relationship

Cheating can have a heavy emotional impact on all involved, but healing after it These Do's and Don'ts may help you deal with infidelity in your relationship. The 3 Types Of Cheating + How They Each Affect Your Relationship .. their children outside of warnings about the negative consequences. Let's look at the flip side: the consequences of "being a cheater" and how If cheating entered your relationship, couldn't it enter theirs?.

It can happen when the cheating party is no longer attracted to their partner, or finds someone else to be more attractive than their partner.

what are the consequences of cheating in a relationship

Whenever there's a stress in the relationship there's a chance someone will cheat. The strength of the relationship and the personalities of the people involved are both factors. When a couple faces financial difficulties there's room for movement outside of the relationship, depending how the parties manage the stress.

The living environment and the sharing of household chores, if they're living together, can impact the loyalty of the parties to one another.

If one party feels as though they're doing more work they may feel slighted. They may feel that the other person isn't doing a good enough job with the chores around the house.

This can lead to petty arguments and fighting which can be a breakdown in the relationship. Poor communication can cause a breakdown of a relationship. Being involved with someone else while you're in a committed relationship is the breaking of a promise. If you do cheat and you don't get caught, it can eat you up inside.

The guilt can be an overwhelming emotion to be saddled with. Two common effects of repressing guilt are anxiety and depression. To relieve the negative feelings associated with the guilt, the cheating party may decide independently to come clean to the partner who was cheated on.

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On the other hand, the cheating party may come clean simply because they believe doing so will provide a sure way to end the failing relationship. It's the feeling that your partner chose to be with someone else, that they like someone else more than you.

Consider the young child playing with a friend. If the friend decides to go play with someone else it's hurtful to the child who was left behind. Cheating in a relationship is the same emotional concept, though at a much more intimate level. The scarring from this event can be long-lasting. The party who was cheated on may never be able to trust their partner again. If the couple decides to stay together and work it out, it's best to have a plan.

Discuss why the cheating happened. Plan out a way to fix what was wrong. Recognize that there will be trust issues and manage a way to avoid putting either party in the position where trust is again compromised. You must work on building that trust again. It may take a long time, but it can happen. She is publishing a children's book series called "Lemonade, Marmalade and Jam.

If the cheaters marry, each may wonder if the other thinks affectionately about their spouses or even wishes to reconcile, and this may cause a tinge of jealousy. Where is the trust between cheaters? This is where blaming each other may occur. Wrong relationships do not easily become right ones. The cheaters may accuse each other of seduction, lying, and using. They may even separate.

The feelings of separation can be devastating even though both parties know that they are doing the right thing. Being alone, feeling the sting and loss resulting from poor decisions, feeling used and cheated of a normal life, and blaming each other, are all feelings that the couple often face after terminating their relationship. The truth has a way of worming its way out of individuals and staring into their eyes.

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A younger woman, especially, may accuse an older man, whom she may think should have been wiser, of taking advantage of her youth and lack of knowledge of possible consequences.

Can they ever completely trust each other considering the damage that they have done to their families? Escalating fears may eventually lead to bad blood between the cheaters. Blaming the Innocent Spouse The forbidden couple has a tendency to cast blame on the innocent spouse s in order to throw off their own feelings of guilt.

Sometimes they fight to keep the innocent party from getting any financial support and even may convince themselves that any children in the marriage are better off with them, the fitter parents dad and step-mother. They play the game of making the innocent spouse the culprit. Whatever the husband has told the mistress, she believes and uses against the wife. They spend much time trying to convince friends and family that the innocent spouse caused the problems that led to their coupling.

They are trying to paint a picture of innocence, but they know better than anyone that this image is fabricated and can never be a masterpiece.

what are the consequences of cheating in a relationship

Alienation of Family, Friends, and Others Some family, friends, acquaintances, and others may not readily socialize with the cheaters because they have sided with the innocent spouse, while others may choose to side with them. Still, others will distrust these cheaters around their own spouses or partners due to their adulterous reputations. The forbidden couple often attracts others like themselves or singles as friends.

Of course, a few old friends will linger. The couple may also run the risk of being excluded or not accepted in certain social circles, which is a mirror of disrespect. Once a person is labeled in a community as unfaithful, it may never disappear, even if the person changes.

Others, even outsiders, often do not forgive or trust again. Alienation of Spousal Affection Some wives sue mistresses for alienation of affection.


This decision can badly affect the mistress's financial stability. Imagine two cheaters married to each other. What are their secret thoughts?

what are the consequences of cheating in a relationship

Can they trust each other? Where is the credibility? Is each capable of cheating on the other? They both have certainly had lots of practice.

what are the consequences of cheating in a relationship

Their behaviors speak for them. Guilt Guilt is like a cancerous sore.

what are the consequences of cheating in a relationship

It grows and gets worse as time passes. Soon it begins to occupy the mind, invading thoughts when it is not wanted.

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It causes worry, regret, and shame. Such thoughts certainly do not add to the happiness of any relationship. The cheating spouse may think about returning to his wife and rekindling his marriage.

The mistress may try various manipulations to anger the wife in order to break up the marriage. A desperate mistress could even be a threat to the wife's life. Husbands have discovered too late that their mistresses were capable of harming their wives, even their children, in their attempts to alienate and quickly possess the husband. Often wives do not know that their husbands are cheating.