What does the relationship manager do

What Makes a Great Relationship Manager?

what does the relationship manager do

Duties of the Client Relationship Manager. Building and maintaining relationships with clients and key personnel within customer companies. Conducting. This Relationship Manager job description template is optimized for posting to online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company. A relationship manager knows how much money do you have in your bank .. thats what happens when one does his homework well.

You are told that he is suppose to help you out whenever you want and he will be available to you all the times when you need him.

what does the relationship manager do

However relationship managers are generally MBA Marketing guyswho are hired to take the sales go upthey are responsible to bring business by hook or by crook. But this time I decided to elaborate why I am not interested by telling a lie. But he dint came. After two or three minutes i got a call from them again. We called that relationship manager. He was not able to come to you because he met with an accident that day. A relationship manager knows how much money do you have in your bank account, he knows for how long it is lying there.

He knows the recent credit and recent debit from your bank account. Obviously he knows you are sitting on a 10 lac cash right now. He is innocent, he is just telling you about something FYIafter all thats his job! Remember, If a relationship manager recommends you some product and if you manage to make good returns or it turns out to be a good thing for you, its mostly accidental!

So now, if you are an HNI or if you are going to get a relationship manager from your bankbroker or whatever it isjust make sure you know that its most probably going to add to your headache.

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He will keep on pushing you, convince you about opportunities and prove to you how your money is getting wasted sitting at your bank account. Tell me something about why you will be a good relationship manager at our bank?

And What qualities in you makes you a great candidate? I have completed this amazing course on portfolio construction which is internationally accepted. Use research to understand where the customer wants to go and then see what and who in your company can add value to their goal.

what does the relationship manager do

If you aren't looking for a relationship, why are you talking to the customer? Has a synergistic view of the two companies' strategies If your customer isn't going in a direction that matches your own strategy and complements it, then where is the value in dealing with that customer?

what does the relationship manager do

The relationship should be built on what we can help each other achieve in the long-term building on short-term requirements, but long-term needs. Ask yourself constantly, will this sale add value to my products and services, will it take us in new directions, can we add new functionality, will we gain traction in new markets; will we grow because of this ale or are we just after revenue.

You wouldn't marry someone just because they were a good proposition at 25, you'd want to evaluate how that person can help and partner you on the journey of life; children, jobs, leisure, retirement. So why would you not see a customer as a partner on life's road? Knows within their own company who has the knowledge they need The biggest mistake relationship people make is thinking they have to have all the knowledge.

How often do you hear 'if I understand it, my customer will understand it. Organisations are full of experts, people who have been there for years, fought the fights, been in the battles and emerged as 'experts' and bear the scars.

Your job is to know who they are get them in front of the customer to help progress the deal. Experts are usually pleased when asked to participate because everyone likes to tell their stories. Accepts their role is to bring the two together Your role is to bring the two companies together into a partnership that mutually benefits both sides. The role is difficult which is why people like you are needed to do it.

You have to constantly put people together to artificially create 'social' environments. People who don't know each other have agendas and don't necessarily communicate well. Your job is to help those people perform at their professional best, to communicate and resolve issues and create understanding. Communication is the exchange of ideas and emotions between two people, both of whom aware, that the other is there.

Peter Rogen Establishes a forum where both parties collaborate openly As soon as you can you need to establish formal meetings with as many of the key players and decision makers as you can. Minute them, assign tasks and track progress. If you rely on one person to spread the word within the customer environment, they will interpret your message to suit their strategy. In order to make a sale you need to broaden the group you are selling to make sure your message is understood and that the value you are providing is appreciated by all those that will benefit.

The project begins before the sale is made. Creates a trusting sales environment If the customer doesn't trust you, you'll never make the sale. Don't ever lie, or overpromise or bend the truth.

Relationship manager job description

Be up front, be honest, be open, be true to yourself. The customer can see from your business card your job is to sell, so from day one they're going to be suspicious of you. They know you only make your earnings if you sell. So they know you'll work hard to sell. They'll work just as hard to make sure they're buying the right thing at the right price; so be up front at the front.