What is the relationship between bjp and rss reader

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what is the relationship between bjp and rss reader

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Madhukar Bhagawat on Thursday said that there was no relation between his party and the. BJP-RSS are in a huddle to decide strategy for Lok Sabha elections alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. The RSS presents itself as a cultural, not a political, organization that nevertheless advocates a Hindu nationalistic agenda. Hedgewar was heavily influenced by the writings of the Hindu nationalist ideologue Bharatiya Janata Party.

That is interesting because it meant even the ism of autarchy, looking inward, was something that needed to be reflected on. Prime minister AB Vajpayee had a different sarsangchalak, Sudarshan, who was less diplomatic and a bit more hardline, whereas Bhagwat gets along well with Modi and is very diplomatic in the way he expresses his disagreements. There is also more of a coordination so that they can work out issues behind the scenes. So they have been able to by and large avoid the problems that existed in the Vajpayee government.

And Modi-Bhagwat relationship contributes to this. They are the same age. Modi was a pracharak. I have asked one about the other, and they have expressed very positive signs. They know they need each other and there are lines that they cannot be crossed. At the time of the Bihar elections, Bhagwat said that perhaps we needed to review the quota system. Because it created such a storm, he had to backtrack immediately.

Since then, they have been extremely cautious in approaching that issue.

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Religion is still a pressing point. National Register of Citizens is criticised as an attempt to weed out Muslim immigrants. The issue of immigration is wracking worldwide. It is a major issue in India, particularly in Assam.

The home minister said there is an opportunity to revise the rolls.

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They are hoping the issue will die down. It may not, though.

what is the relationship between bjp and rss reader

Golwalkar identified Muslims and Christians as internal threats to national unity. It has changed a lot. His successor, Deoras, was more pragmatic. One of the issues RSS faced was caste hierarchy, which got in the way of Hindu unity.

Relation between RSS and BJP

Deoras made an iconic statement: He opened RSS to non-Hindus. They used it during the Bihar assembly polls as one of the mechanisms to approach Muslims. Within the RSS, there is a debate on whether it will be a good thing. Why are we wasting our time? But that is not the leadership position.

what is the relationship between bjp and rss reader

The leadership position is that they need to make an effort. They continuously refer to Indonesia.

what is the relationship between bjp and rss reader

The Indonesian culture rests on a very Hindu basis. The national epics are Indonesian variants of the Ramayana. There is a huge statue of Saraswati. Have a culture sympathetic to the great epics. On certain issues, RSS is stepping back. It is not pushing as hard as it has. In some areas it is making compromises. In the Northeast, where beef-eating is common, RSS has not sought to impose any kind of beef ban.

They have taken a similarly pragmatic line in West Bengal and Kerala. In other areas — Gujarat Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra — where people are more prone to oppose beef-eating, RSS has taken a tougher stance.

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Is it ideologically flexible for electoral reasons? RSS is more ideologically flexible than it had been in the past. There is, in fact, considerable suspicion within RSS about BJP — that people are often too power-hungry, too egotistical whereas RSS tries to build character of individuals.

One of the problems in analysing BJP and RSS is that a lot of people tend to conflate the two as if they were the same. BJP rule is often criticised for an anti-Muslim narrative running through it: The issue of intolerance is there. He was a good administrator and Sangh always appreciated that. Mukherjee was not the first Congress leader to have been in touch with the RSS. Rajiv Gandhi met Bhaurao Deoras at least six times.

He was always polite whoever he spoke to. Congress made it an issue unnecessarily. Did anyone create noise about that? How many people know about it? You say in the book that RSS has put all its might behind BJP before general elections only twice — in in the elections following Emergency and inand that the Sangh is unlikely to repeat it in years to come. Could you tell a bit about why and how RSS worked in Had the Congress and its allies come to power for a fourth time, RSS would have felt quite uncomfortable.

Shah came to UP only a year before the polls. Ina senior prant pracharak was called from Assam to Uttar Pradesh. This person mobilised lakhs of people with help of other pracharaks and created the booth-level programme which he then passed on to Amit Shah. It only asked people to come out and vote. I think urban seats will be the main challenge for BJP next year as well. So will the RSS not repeat its performance in ? Sangh really likes all its affiliates to develop their own infrastructure.

If the pracharaks have the means to do it, they can.

RSS is a lot more diverse than it used to be: Author Walter Andersen

The Sangh is not going to ask its cadre across the country to work for BJP this time. Maybe in some regions or for some issue, the Sangh might extend its help.

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Yes, perhaps it would be an emotional setback for the Sangh. A deterioration in Indo-Pakistani relations was soon to prompt Mookerjee to establish a separate political party. Nehru and Home Minister Patel had serious disagreements over how to handle the situation. Moral Influence While Golwalkar and most other RSS leaders wanted to keep the RSS outside the political process, they did expect to exercise a moral influence over the new party.

They sought some voice without institutionalising any formal linkage between the RSS and the Jan Sangh. The RSS constitution prohibited political activity, and the government might have again restricted RSS activities if it were to engage in overt political activity. The problem was resolved by the decision to loan a number of pracharaks, who were thoroughly socialised in the RSS discipline, to the Jan Sangh.

Even though the BJP has grown stronger after the General Elections inthere is no Plan B for them as they still heavily rely on the discretion and guidance — and above all, the cadres — provided to them by the RSS. He insisted that the very creation of the Sangh Parivar was a creation of media.