What is the relationship between lions and hyenas

what is the relationship between lions and hyenas

Oct 8, Filmed in Zambia's South Luangwa National Park, this video shows just one of the the daily battles that are faught between the hyenas and. A kill can change hands a number of times between Lions and Hyenas. Hyenas and Wild Dogs have an interesting relationship in that the Wild Dog is usually. Many a times hyenas are seen hunting down old/sick or wounded lions. k Views Who would win a fight between a male lion and a silver back gorilla?.

The results from these experiments show that cheetahs actively moved away from lion and hyena playback experiments, compared with dummy playbacks where no sound was played. Cheetahs showed no differences in their responses to playbacks dependent on their sex or reproductive status, suggesting they were responding principally to a competition rather than a predation threat.

Relationship Between Lions & Hyenas

However, cheetahs were much less likely to hunt after competitor playbacks than after dummy playbacks, and this resulted in a lower kill rate after competitor playbacks, demonstrating that the perceived presence of competitors had a noticeable impact on the foraging rate of cheetahs. Furthermore, while cheetahs moved just as far following lion playbacks as after hyena playbacks, they spent significantly more time looking at the loudspeaker and were less likely to make a kill after lion playbacks, suggesting that cheetahs perceive lions to be a greater threat than hyenas.

what is the relationship between lions and hyenas

Predator avoidance, whereby prey avoid encounters with predators, is one means by which prey are able to reduce the chance of predation. An avoidance behavior can be defined as any behavioral strategy that enhances the survivorship of prey by reducing the probability that they occur within the foraging range of potential predators Brodie et al.

Predator avoidance is likely to play a strong role in structuring species communities, even where actual mortality due to predation is low Lima and Dill, ; Turner and Mittelbach, In such circumstances, mortality may be low precisely because predator avoidance is effective and, if the threat of predation is lifted, then entire community structures may be altered. Avoidance of predation has attracted increasing attention over recent years, however predation is not the only negative interspecific interaction which a species may want to avoid; competitor avoidance behaviors may also be important as a mechanism for shaping communities.

Competitor avoidance can be defined similarly to predator avoidance, except enhancement of survival is through indirect rather than through direct mechanisms.

Both predator and competitor avoidance are likely to carry costs. For example, a reduction in activity or an increase in the use of refuges due to a perceived risk of predation can lead to a reduction in foraging rate Kennedy et al.

The relative balance between the costs and benefits of predator avoidance may differ between different species and between different age and reproductive classes within species, and can result in different avoidance strategies, even when the predator is identical Peckarsky, ; Sih, In addition, some species may evolve an ability to adapt their avoidance tactics in response to a perceived predation risk Loose and Dawidowicz, ; McIntosh and Townsend, ; Peckarsky, The evolution of such a flexible response will depend on the costs associated with gathering information about a potential predation threat Dill, ; Sih, Selection will only favor flexibility in predator avoidance tactics when the cost of gathering information about the predation threat is relatively low, when the risk of predation fluctuates unpredictably, and when there are reliable cues for detecting predation risk Harvell, Competitor avoidance is likely to be subject to weaker selective forces than predator avoidance, since the cost of not avoiding a competitor will generally be lower than the cost of not avoiding a predator, as the latter carries a risk of direct mortality.

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To date most studies of predator avoidance have concentrated on aquatic and small mammal communities, while communities of large mammals have been neglected but see Bshary and Noe, This article addresses this gap in our knowledge by examining avoidance of the two main predators, which are unusually also the main competitors, of the cheetah Acinonyx jubatus —lions Panthera leo and spotted hyenas Crocuta crocuta. In cheetahs, offspring survival is strongly affected by lion and hyena predation.

Adult cheetahs may also lose their kills to these predators Caro, ; Schaller,and may also be killed by lions Durant SM, unpublished data.

what is the relationship between lions and hyenas

There are no published records of adult cheetahs being killed by hyenas, although this possibility cannot be completely discounted. The impact of lions on cheetah populations results in a negative relationship between cheetah population size and lion density both across and within different protected areas Durant et al.

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Since cheetahs have small jaws and a light build, a mother cannot defend her cubs or kills against lions and hyenas. However, she can reduce predation of her cubs by adapting her behavior and adopting an avoidance strategy Caro, Cheetahs make use of various techniques in order to minimize direct interactions with lions and hyenas.

They reduce visual and audio cues by killing silently by asphyxiation after a short chase, hunting during the day when many of their competitors are inactive, and dragging kills immediately into cover to avoid attracting vultures to carcasses Caro, These behaviors minimize contact with competitors and may reduce rates of kleptoparasitism and cub mortalities.

The risk of predation and kleptoparasitism to cheetahs is likely to be influenced by a number of predictable factors, therefore a flexible avoidance response may have evolved in this species.

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Cheetahs are more likely to be noticed by predators when they are active and hunting, when they are also vulnerable to kleptoparasitism, and so avoidance should be particularly marked at these times. Moreover, if cub vulnerability is the predominant cause of avoidance, avoidance should be more marked in females than in males, since the former are more frequently accompanied by dependent cubs and hence might perceive predators to be a greater threat.

Female cheetahs should also show greater avoidance when they are accompanied by dependent cubs than when solitary. Finally, since young cubs are more vulnerable to predation than older cubs Caro,the strength of avoidance by a mother should depend on the age of her cubs.

Direct observation of causes of mortality of cheetahs are rare Caro,making it difficult to directly ascertain the extent of the relative threat that hyenas and lions pose to cheetahs.

Moreover, observation of interactions between cheetahs and their competitors are highly variable in terms of the distance of nearest approach of the competitors and the time of day at which interactions occur Caro, If more reproductively successful cheetahs are better at avoiding lions and hyenas Durant,then data gathered by field observation alone would be biased towards less successful cheetahs, since these would most often be seen near other competitors.

what is the relationship between lions and hyenas

In this article I employ audio playback techniques to examine avoidance behavior by cheetahs. Such experiments allow the manipulation and standardization of naturally rare events. I tested the following predictions in order to ascertain the extent of avoidance tactics by cheetahs and whether cheetahs adapt avoidance behavior according to the relative risk of predation or competition. First, I tested whether cheetahs avoid hyenas and lions.

A kill can change hands a number of times between Lions and Hyenas. In many areas of Africa the Hyena hunts more food than it scavengers and Lions scavenge more than they hunt. Hyenas react very differently to male and female Lions. When Hyenas are on a kill and Lions are attempting a takeover the Hyenas will stand and fight if it is a group of Lionesses involved but as soon as a male Lion is in the picture the Hyena will give a wide berth. If male Lions are on a kill the Hyenas will not make any attempt at a takeover but with Lionesses the Hyenas will show less restraint.

It has been noted in some areas that Hyenas challenge the male Lions but this may be from previous incidents with the particular males where the Hyenas gained the upper hand and they have dominance over the males. Lions and Hyenas scavenge a great deal from other predators such as the Leopard, Cheetah and Wild Dog.

To overcome the stealing of their food by other predators Cheetahs eat very quickly once they have killed in order to prevent scavenging by others. Leopard will often pull their kill into a tree to keep it from other Lions and Hyenas.

Wild Dogs can devour a carcass in a few minutes but it has been observed where Lions and Hyenas have stolen the kill. Wild Dogs and Other Predators Hyenas and Wild Dogs have an interesting relationship in that the Wild Dog is usually dominant over the Hyena in all aspects except feeding.

Depending on the number in each group the Hyena will have the upper hand when it comes to stealing a carcass from Wild Dogs.