What relationship is my nephews son to me

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what relationship is my nephews son to me

Your nephew's son is commonly referred to as your grandnephew. Since you have the same bloodline, he is What Relation Is My Great-Niece to My Nephew ?. Artwork showing Cousins relationship on family tree with astronomy theme The appropriate name for addressing your cousin's child is niece or nephew, even. So calling your cousin's son your nephew, or your cousin's daughter your niece, is really a matter of family tradition, What relation is my mother's cousin to me?.

In Bangladeshi culture we don't have a "once removed" system.

what relationship is my nephews son to me

All the grand-kids from that same initial couple are "first cousins" to one another, because they're all one generation away from that first pair. Although you wouldn't ever really put it this way, all the siblings from a given couple are effectively "zeroth cousins" to one another. All the great-grandkids in the family who are two generations away are "second cousins" to one another, all the great-great-grandkids are "third cousins" to each other, etc.

It's sort of like finding a common denominator--you start with the broadest set of "cousins" you can find in a shared generation, and then count off how much one side is out of balance.

Niece and nephew

As an example, if you and I are in the same generation as second cousins, then you're a second cousin "once-removed" to my kids, since you're in a different generation than they are, by one. I'm the same thing to your kids, for the same reason in reverse. Our collective set of kids would all be "third cousins" to one another, since they're all once again evenly distant from the great-grandparents that you and I share, bringing the whole thing back into balance.

Hope that's not too complicated--it's actually the type of thing you could explain in 2 secs with some diagrams. Your sister's kids are related to her by 0.

Your niece's son is related to her by 0. Your son is related to you by 0. He's related to her son by his relation to her 0.

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Or equivalently, by your relation to your niece's son, 0. Can anyone please give me a quick answer to this English is not my first language? You are her great-uncle, she is your great-niece, at least in the UK. Grandniece is given as an alternative eg in this definition at I think it might be more widely used in North American English.

I've conveyed your message to her and she's old enough to appreciate it. This 7-year-old girl amazed everyone including her doctors and nurses. She not only remained concious, but was also composed enough to give her name, parents' names and phone number to adults at the scene of the accident.

She never cried before or after the emergency operation that just managed to stop her bleeding to death.

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She never once mentioned pain except when asked. The surgeons thought they were going to lose her and called me into the operation theater. Except for some bruises, practically no injury was evident from the outside. Inside, it was something else.

Bones were broken, the urethra was severed and her vagina looked as if it had gone through a paper shredder. Internal muscles were squashed to pulp. She was discharged from the hospital last Friday.

what relationship is my nephews son to me

She's alert and cheerful, and she can turn sideways in bed by herself. The surgical wound healed nicely and there's no more blood coming out through the catheter.

what relationship is my nephews son to me

But she still has a long way to go before she can resume any semblance of normal life. The accident came at a time when the family was already going through a rough time.

what relationship is my nephews son to me

I'm not fishing for sympathy, but if you'll forgive my off-topic ramblings, I'd like to take this opportunity to vent some of my frustrations. This girl's father, my nephew, is jobless and has severe depression with neurotic psychosis, made worse by the trauma of the accident. His father died 12 years ago. The child's mother is in her seventh month of pregnancy. She had a temporary job but had to give it up. They're living with my sister who's a teacher in a government-run high school.

Normally, she should be able to make a withdrawal from a compulsory pension fund that the government deducts from her salary. But she's one of the victims of a fraud perpetrated by a government employee last year, and most of her savings are gone.

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She's a diabetic with chronic urinary tract infection.