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Dec 5, This will have come as some relief to ITV sports reporter Gary Newbon who, in his post-fight interview with Benn, got McClellan's name wrong. Dec 13, ITV's documentary about Nigel Benn's fight with Gerald McClellan which has 29/10/18; Jose Mourinho wants Manchester United to plunder the vaults again but does . Danny Williams has finally thrown in the towel after prolonging his . Solar if You Live Near PhelanEnergy Bill Cruncher Solar Quotes. Feb 15, Apparently Nigel Benn has organized a benefit for Gerald for the 24th of this month. England and Gerald and Nigel will be meeting for the first time in 12 years. Quote Originally Posted by bilbo. It's nice that they are doing this but and its true, Benn has found God and has finally found his peace with it.

I never saw a fight as exciting. But it was horrible. Here were two men kicking the shit out of each other. McClellan's corner should have pulled him out.

Nigel Benn vs. Gerald McClellan

Perhaps if Steward had been there it would have been different. After 30 seconds, Nigel was knocked out of the ring. And for the next few rounds I was thinking, 'Christ almighty, what is keeping Benn going? But after a while he started to get into it. Benn was down again [in the eighth round] but then McClellan started to blink, and he had difficulty keeping his gum-shield in his mouth.

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Then in the 10th round he went down on one knee with a confused look on his face and was just counted out. You can't blame any fighter in a war who thinks 'fuck it' and quits, but there was no sign McClellan had been thinking like that. Something was happening, and next thing he had collapsed behind us.

In the pandemonium, we couldn't see. The strange thing is that these things happen. You are shocked, appalled and you question what you do. I have seen this with Michael Watson, McClellan and others, but fighters know the dangers. When young James Murray died [after a fight against Drew Docherty in ], his parents buried him in his boxing gear because he had died doing what had made him something in life.

Boxing has stood the test of time. It is exciting but it can be cruel, brutal, dangerous and sometimes tragic.

Nigel Benn vs. Gerald McClellan - Wikipedia

Brendan Ingle, bucket carrier for McClellan I got 20 quid for organising the spittoon and the drinks as an assistant cornerman.

After the war of words in the papers, with some of the bad things McClellan had said and the stories about him breeding fighting dogs, you could feel unbelievable tension. When Nigel went down in the first round it looked all over. As an amateur, he had a record of 41 wins and only one loss. He lost this title and his undefeated record as well to the remarkably talented but ill-fated Michael Watson by a 6th round knockout. His trainers and he had several over the course of his career attempted to make him a more orthodox fighter, but he always resisted and reverted to form, providing uncommon excitement and entertainment for fight fans.

Still, his ferocity and velocity were unmatched and his bombs were launched with malicious intentions, the purest of rage, and often punctuated with a whirlwind of deadly hooks and uppercuts from all angles. Early on, his quality of opposition was excellent. Aside from Winston Burnett who would finish with a recordBenn fought boxers with mostly decent records, a departure from the norm.

These fighters, along with Herol Graham and Robin Reid, represented the cream of the crop during a great era of fighters in the U. Nigel also beat Doug DeWitt. Benn got his initial opportunity at a world championship and made the most of it when he fought for the WBO world middleweight title held by Dewitt on April 29, in Atlantic City. Benn captured the crown, knocking out the resilient and granite-chinned DeWitt who had lasted 12 rounds against Thomas Hearns. Inhe took out underrated Robbie Sims half-brother of Marvin Hagler who had beaten Roberto Duran and many other top level fighters.

Then, after two more wins including a rematch with Galvano, he fought a rematch in with Chris Eubank and retained his title with a 12 round draw before 42, rabid fans in Manchester. After beating rugged Henry Wharton undefeated coming in and Juan Carlos Gimenez, he engaged in his career defining fight with the great Gerald McClellan Unfortunately, the brutal war ended tragically. Ostensibly an orthodox fighter, he was a ballsy and brash bomber and is still considered to be one of the hardest punchers of all time, but when he fought at the top level, he sometimes and inexplicably became somewhat unglued.

Still, his ferocity and velocity were unmatched and were launched with evil intentions, the purest of rage, and often punctuated with a whirlwind of deadly hooks and uppercuts from all angles. With Nigel, the thing was his excitement and unpredictability. It is highly recommended and rather than spoil it for you, I will keep silent as to its content.

At any rate, Nigel presented an unabashedly snarling mien and personified the aura of a person you would not want to meet in a dark alley. In short, he was one tough guy! Aside from the hapless Winston Burnett who would finish withBenn fought boxers with mostly decent records in his early years, a departure from the norm. While the names here might not resonate as much with an average American boxing fan as they do with one in Europe or the UK, they should strike a intimate chord with all serious boxing fans regardless of location.

These fighters, along with Herol Graham and Robin Reid, represented the cream of the crop during a great era of fighters in the UK. Of course, he beat Doug Dewitt as well. As a juvenile, he was a delinquent to say the least, but a four-year tenure as a soldier in the Royal Fusiliers, which he credits as the turning point in his life, forced him to embrace a need for self-discipline.