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You either saw or met 5 Seconds of Summer. in the window. we sang heartbreak girl and teenage dream to get them to i couldnt stop crying and shaking. it was honestly the best thing ever. i didnt have him sign anything because i . after the picture was taken he asked me, “wait dont you want a hug?. 5SOS. 79 Pins. · 30 Followers. I am a total Ashton Girl. Board owner. by Blake of sparkles. See more. You're not running the right profile if you don't have sassy Calum This is literally why I Calum Thomas Hood forever and always:) Find this Pin .. "I don't even like you, why'd you want to go and make me feel thia way!. See more ideas about 5sos lyrics, 5sos memes and 5sos songs. Luke, Michael , Calum, and Ashton have been the greatest inspirations and sources of hope I.

You had a kid together, you were supposed to be happy and in the love bubble like everyone had said you would be, overjoyed at the fact that you had created a living, breathing being together.

With Calum away so much, you felt like you had been raising a child on your own, the stress and pressure of it all weighing you down, and you and Calum just, grew apart. And it just happened. You were walking into the studio, your one year old, Jaxon, in your arms, his head on your shoulder. You entered the quiet safety of the building and climbed your way up the stairs to the familiar studio the boys most commonly worked in.

Jax was beginning to fuss and you jounced him. The room quieted in shock. You sighed before conceding and reaching out for the sobbing boy. And he sees the other boys all the time too. But I promise you he recognizes you. Calum jounced him, placing a gentle kiss on the black hair that was clearly inherited from Cal.

Cal chuckled slightly, cradling the little boy tighter to his chest and placing a kiss on the top of his head. But when the nausea hit and you missed two periods, you figured you should probably get it checked out. Now it was three years later and you had moved on. You had had a little girl and named her Emerson and she was the sweetest, most perfect child you had ever laid eyes on: It had taken you a while to move on from Ashton, especially when you had a daily, living, breathing reminder that you had been in love with him.

Not to mention the fact that the guilt of not telling him about his child nagged at you quite frequently. But you had moved on and you were very happily dating another man. Actually a man you would have least expected to fall in love with: You and Luke had met while you and Ashton were dating and it had been a strictly platonic relationship.

Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)

Luke had kept the fact that he was dating you a secret though. He looked up at you. You looked to Luke momentarily before nodding. It was time to tell him.

best 5SOS images on Pinterest | 5 Seconds of Summer, 5secondsofsummer and 5 sos

Ashton stared at her in awe for another moment before turning back to you, seemingly upset. Why have you been raising my child and not telling me that I had a kid? You sighed, tears of anger brimming in your eyes. You turned back, taking a step towards Ashton. He turned, his anger having subsided slightly and tears brimming in his eyes now. But Luke was there for me. He found out about Emerson and he wanted to tell you Ashton, really he did.

Emerson is a living, breathing, beautiful reminder that I was in love with you. So the two of you had had to be overly strict with the boy, Camden. And to say Camden was protesting was an understatement. You and Luke had a date night recently and Camden had stayed with Calum for the evening. Luke clutched tighter onto your hand.

He might burn off some energy. The next moment Calum swung the door open, grinning as Camden hung off his back. Calum looked sweaty, as if he had been running around the whole evening. Calum chuckled as the boy dropped off of his back and clung to his legs instead. We got to the venue around like When GUS pulled up im not going to lie Iost my shit. I was way to excited.

Ashton walked out a little while after and he had a little duck tape face on his suitcase lol. Then the concert part.


Oh my lord jesus. Then they came on and started to play Out of My Limit. I could not stop my tears. Luke is my favorite and ugh he so sexy. Any way we went through the concert and They were amazing. Then after the whole concert my friend Kayla and I ran to GUS and stood outside of it for like a half an hour singing their songs to them and talking to them. Then Ashton came out and my heart dropped. Soon I was right in front of him. First thing he did was hug me and I told him that loved him to much.

He said he loved me to. I asked him if he could sign my shirt and he did, now that shirt is hanging on my wall above my bed…nobody touches it. I hugged him one last time and I grasped his butt just because it was a once and a life time opportunity. His butt is firm but it was nice.

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