Galaxy gear im watching you meet the parents

galaxy gear im watching you meet the parents

MARCH 21 Introducing high performance technology that's also good I \J III. Jul 3, I'm looking for a light-touch solution. You could use the same sort of thing to monitor an aging parent, as long Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything better than ManDown for what you want. to help, such as the Fitbit trackers, Jawbone UP, and Samsung Gear Fit. Also, watch the watches. Jun 5, Spy apps may have been designed so that parents can watch over their kids Plus, mSpy offers 24/7 customer support to help these spies find.

Pushing the alarm button connects them to the response centre and summons help. Your mother will probably have heard of Age UK's service, it retains her independence, isn't intrusive, and would be entirely under her control.

So you bought a smartwatch. Now what?

However, it's relatively expensive, and it doesn't do very much in comparison with American systems like GrandCare. That would allow you to monitor your mother's weight and blood pressure, track her movements around the house, and know when she opened the fridge door, for example. The cost depends on the features, and most are simpler and cheaper. However, a comprehensive system may well be worth the money if it enables an older person to continue living independently at home in the US jargon, " aging in place " rather than being moved to a care home.

Home monitoring cameras can also be purchased cheaply as webcams and baby monitors. Parents often use these to keep an eye on small children even while they're at home, and they can also be accessed remotely via the net.

In this case, they may also function as babysitter monitors. You could use the same sort of thing to monitor an aging parent, as long as the parent is keen on the idea. It sounds too intrusive for someone in their 60s, but might be acceptable to someone a couple of decades older. Mind the app A smartphone app sounds like a good idea, and while I haven't tried it, ManDown should suit some users. ManDown will send an alert if an Android or Apple phone is immobile for a pre-set time, up to 24 hours.

It also includes an SOS button. It looks as though your mother would have to reset it each day, but the website says: Just set the timer for a once or twice per day movement.

galaxy gear im watching you meet the parents

It sounds very close to what you want, so it's probably worth a closer look. If it's not quite right, ManDown's publisher has a web feedback form. I'd certainly give that a try. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything better than ManDown for what you want.

Maybe readers can suggest something.

So you bought a smartwatch. Now what?

While I can see a growing market in devices and systems that monitor older people, this is really part of a much larger market that now comes under the general heading of " quantified self ". Millions of people are now measuring and monitoring their own vital signs with the aim of living a healthier life. Quantified selfers measure things like heart rates, blood pressure, calorie intake, blood sugar levels, sleep quality and, most of all, the number of steps they take each day.

Most if not all them connect to a smartphone, though ideally, you'd want one that supported low energy Bluetooth LE. This is sometimes called Bluetooth Smart, and first appeared as Nokia Wibree inbefore being merged into Bluetooth 4.

What tech can I use to keep an eye on an ageing parent? | Technology | The Guardian

Your mum is probably not a quantified selfer, but plenty of older people use pedometers to measure how many steps they take, so she might be interested in trying a Fitbit ZipFitbit One or Fitbit Flex wristband.

The device uploads data to the Fitbit website via a PC with a wireless sync dongle or an Android or iPhone app. Once you've gone through the installation, you'll find a vanilla version of the wearable OS with a variety of preloaded apps.

Start making your device yours by picking and tweaking your home screen. Choose the background, dials and hands that suit your fancy, and add widgets to show things like your daily activity progress, a weather report, calendar appointments and more, depending on the OS.

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For Android Wear, you may have to download additional faces to get more options. Activating the complications the alerts on the watch face that you'll use the most can save you a lot of accumulated time every day that you'd spend swiping through pages and apps to get a quick update.

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After squaring away these basics, you can play with additional tools to make your watch more useful. Mobile payments In addition to the obvious stuff, like queuing up your daily alarms and choosing which notifications to allow on your watch, you should also set up mobile payments.

Whether it's Apple PayAndroid PaySamsung PayFitbit Pay or Garmin Paycontactless payments aren't just a trivial convenience -- they can be helpful when you're traveling very light or have your hands full.

galaxy gear im watching you meet the parents

You'll usually have to set a default card to use on your watch, so make sure to pick your primary account. Fitbit Pay is accepted in most of the same places as Mastercard contactless payments.

Refine your messaging replies Most smartwatch screens range between 38mm and 44mm wide, which is barely big enough to comfortably read your notifications on, let alone type out messages. Which is why most of these devices offer alternative methods of input, including canned responses, dictation and handwriting recognition. The Fitbit Ionic does not let you reply to messages from your watch, so you'll have to whip out your phone for that. It's best to set a quick reply that succinctly explains that you've seen a message and will respond later.

You can use the default options, of course, which are usually variants of "Yes," "No" and "Can't talk now. You can create something more human, like "Hey, saw ur msg, will reply later" for Apple Watches.

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If you can't use your hands, reading out your reply is a good alternative. Apple and Google's voice recognition are accurate most of the time, although it does help if you enunciate carefully. Still, they're not good enough to be your primary choice for input yet unless you don't mind sending messages with the odd misheard word here and there and can sometimes take a while to process.

Connect your headphones and prepare your music Most newer smartwatches can stream music to Bluetooth headphones, making it easier to go on a run or a quick errand without your phone.

You should save your playlist on your watch in advance so you can listen without an internet connection, as this will prevent battery drain. For Apple Watch, Android Wear and Samsung Gear, you can sync playlists via the Apple Music, Play Music and Spotify apps, respectively, while Fitbit requires a more tedious setup involving either a Pandora Premium account or a connection to your laptop.

While you can't natively stream podcasts from most watches, you can download a third-party app like Wear Casts or Watchplayer for Apple Watch to play them.