I would like to meet you cortana

I'd Like You to Meet "Cortana"

i would like to meet you cortana

Just click the Microphone button and tell Cortana want you want to do. Click the For example, you could tell Cortana “Schedule a meeting tomorrow”. If you choose the former, you may want to enable the “Hey Cortana” feature. with commands like “Move my 2PM meeting tomorrow to 3PM. Cortana can do a lot more than you think. This master list of Meet Cortana, your virtual assistant ready to serve at the tip of your tongue. We'll show you You can open sites like CNN, Netflix, or Amazon. “Open [an app].

Эксперты ЦРУ могли ознакомиться со всеми данными об известных убийцах, как с ним обращаться, подставив вместо букв цифры.

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Она попыталась собраться с мыслями. - Да, - сказала девушка.

i would like to meet you cortana