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The Five People You Meet in Heaven ( TV Movie) Primetime Emmy Awards AARP Movies for Grownups Awards Albom, who came up a sports columnist for the Detroit Free Press, has also written bestsellers like Tuesdays With Morrie and The Five People You Meet In. A crew of miniature aliens operate a spaceship that has a human form. Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave () Ed Helms at an event for Meet Dave () Austyn Myers at an event for . The orb is in the possession of Josh, the fifth-grade son of a single mom whose car strikes the 91 of people found this review helpful.

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It has a thick cluster in the average area composed of bars of irregular heights, which makes the top neither blunt, neither sharp. However, they are more numerous and taller than the bars in each of the other two areas, which decrease in height towards extremes, more or less gradually.

In the case of IMDB, the bulk of the distribution is in the average area as well, but there is an obvious skew towards the highest average values. The high ratings area looks similar to what would be expected to be seen for a normal distribution in that part of the histogram. However, the striking feature is that the area representing low movie ratings is completely empty, which raises a big question mark. Initially, I put the blame on the small sample, thinking that a larger one would do more justice to IMDB.

To my great surprise, the distribution looked like this: The shape of the distribution looks almost the same as that for the sample with movies, except for the low ratings area, which is in this case feebly populated with 46 movies out of The bulk of the values is still in the average area, which makes the IMDB rating worth considering further for a recommendation, although is clearly hard to rival the metascore, with that skew. The skew is still visibly towards the higher part of the movie rating spectrum, where most of the ratings reside.

The area for the lower half of the average ratings is completely empty, just like the one for low ratings. It can easily be concluded that the distribution is quite far from fitting my criterion.

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I promise that the torment of scrolling up will end soon. This makes it unfit for the bad-average-good qualitative framework, because it makes movies either good, either bad. It could be that a larger sample would do it more justice, but even so, if I were to recommend it, I would do it with some reserves because of the vague positive or negative rating system.

At this point of the analysis, I could say that by looking at the distributions, my recommendation is the metascore. From this perspective, recommending the metascore by mostly doing a visual examination is clearly not enough.

So, I will try to delimit between these two by using a quantitative method. The idea is to use the Fandango variable as a negative reference, and then determine which variable, from the IMDB rating and the metascore, is the least correlated with it I call these variables because they can take different values — for example, the metascore is a variable because it takes different values, depending on the movie.

I will simply compute some correlation coefficients, and the variable with the smallest value will be my recommendation I will explain then how these correlation coefficients work. But before that, let me briefly justify choosing the Fandango variable as a negative reference. The adjustment did change some statistical parameters for the better, but not enough to convince me not to work with the Fandango variable as a negative reference.

This is what the change looks like: The least correlated with the Fandango rating is the metascore. Now let me explain all this.

imdb five people you meet in

Measuring correlation simply means measuring the extent to which there is such a pattern. Ratings can be plotted on a graph. Each of the small points that together make up the shapes above could describe the ratings of two variables say, Fandango and IMDB for a specific movie.

Given the correlation coefficients just mentioned, there is a pattern between Fandango and IMDB to a greater extent than is for Fandango and the metascore.

Put differently, for any given movie rating on Fandango, it is more probable that the metascore is going to be more different from it than the IMDB rating. In a nutshell, the metascore is a weighted average of many reviews coming from reputed critics. You can find more about their rating system here. Now, I just want to point out a few downsides of the metascore: More than that, he's our Mark Zuckerberg, too: That's because, 23 years ago, Needham created the Internet Movie Database — a compendium of film and TV credits, connections, goofs and trivia.

At first it was a cottage hobby: But as the web grew, the potential of a site whose raison d'etre was connectivity became plain. IMDb quickly became the market leader in its field.

imdb five people you meet in

The site is now among the 50 most popular websites in the world, with million monthly unique users. Needham sold to Amazon inbut retained the reins. That, says Needham, was especially thrilling: Afterwards, he recalls, "I was scared of even going in a swimming pool, let alone the sea.

Six years later, incame his first experience of home entertainment: Then, in Aprilhe took his first trip to the US: Growing up, we went to the cinema quite a lot. But it wasn't until I got online that I started being able to discuss films with other people.

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He is briefly silent. I guess it's kind of like High Fidelity: The human brain likes to make connections. Somebody spots a connection between two things. This prop always appears in their films, the roars in The Lion King are actually those of a tiger. You want to share that knowledge. And IMDb is a good platform. If the shirt comes off, he says, there is no IMDb tattoo.